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3 Indicators You Need Acupuncture

For those of you struggling with your health, keep in mind that you always have the potential for improvement. Research shows that acupuncture can help with many more health problems other than just for pain and aches. click on the image below to the full new letter article.


Exploring the 24 Hour Acupuncture Clock

Do you wake up every night or every morning about the same time? Have you ever wondered why? Some people call that an internal clock. Acupuncture gives a much deeper look into how the body functions each hour. Acupuncture theory divides the body into 12 energetic channels. Each channel is assigned a two-hour time slot. For example, the liver channel is associated with the hours of 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. If you wake up during this time frame, then there is an issue with your liver channel. So knowing this information can be very important to an acupuncturist. Click the image below to lean more.

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