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Acupuncture Detox and the NADA Protocol

research1_122016Acupuncture and more specifically the NADA protocol have been shown to help the body detox from addictive behaviors and substances. The NADA protocol was created in the 1970s by Michael Smith and it is a form of auricular acupuncture, which helps to detox the body and fight against drug addictions. The system has been compared to that of methadone, as a safe alternative to using the drug.

Recent studies have shown the use of the NADA protocol as a treatment to fighting drug addiction to be effective. But, as with any acupuncture study multiple trials will need to be created in order to fully establish how effective the NADA protocol truly is.

In a study published by the International Journal of Integrative Medicine researchers found that over time as acupuncture has been modified since its original inception and because of this different results are found in patients. Addiction specialists fighting addiction with acupuncture have used multiple methods in order to combat addiction in this study.

Results depended solely on the type of acupuncture used, some acupuncture worked in treating addiction, and others didn’t. The study plans to conduct more research projects in the future to determine that if the evolution of acupuncture to methods such as the NADA protocol have led to an increase in the healing of addiction as opposed to other traditional methods.

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